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Only 80 projects (including subprojects). Is that real?


I tryed to add a project and I saw the following message:

"For performance reasons you can only add 80 projects. Please archive or delete some of your finished projects."

How could I overcome this issue? When I made the subscription I have not seen this limitation somewhere, therefore I presume that exist a solution.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Sep 03, 2013 - 12:06 UTC

Hello Costas,

Unfortunately, this is a fixed limitation for performance reasons. We've chose this particular number based on usage statistics which revealed that no account has ever reached such amounts of tasks. You can have 80 projects with 150 tasks per projects which makes a total of 12,000 active tasks. Archived projects and completed tasks are not counted.

If you have many projects, but only few tasks in them, please reconsider using a different way to manage them. You can create sub-tasks in projects, use labels, treat projects as folders etc.

If you do have hundreds of tasks within all 80 projects, please let us know how are you using our system so we can better understand your use case and assist you in finding an alternative way to manage your tasks.

Best regards,

David Lenef  premium
Replied on Nov 24, 2013 - 14:22 UTC

Please vote for more projects here:

Antoine Morin  premium
Replied on Jan 22, 2014 - 11:35 UTC

I am saddened by this limit. I will have to reorganize projects into subtasks as a workaround but I wish: 1) there was no such limit, and 2) that it was made explicit and obvious in your support document (help, video) so I would have known from the start.

Antoine Morin  premium
Replied on Jan 22, 2014 - 11:49 UTC

On second thought, this is a show stopper for me, I will have to find an alternative tool. Any recommendation? Nirvana?

celita972  premium
Replied on Jan 31, 2014 - 14:57 UTC

What is the meaning of "treat projects as folders"?

This "80 limit" is a big problem to me, and i am trying to find out new ways to face it, because I like Todist very much.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 31, 2014 - 15:32 UTC


By "treat projects as folders" I mean that instead of creating a new project which will have just 2-3 tasks in it and work as a "label", you could instead use actual labels and treat projects as categories.

If you could let us know what workflow you use, I could recommend some options, it can be very different for different users and workflows, but using just a general example - let's say you're a salesman dealing with clients, each of them requires the same "process": confirming the order, preparing the shipment and shipping. You could set up a new project for each client, but then you would hit the limit after only 80 clients.

In such case, you could (for example) create a new project each month to deal with sales for 01/2014, then 02/2014 etc. and create a parent task for a client and then the 3 steps required for him as sub-tasks (even import them from a template). This way, each client that you dealt with would be "completed", the completed task would no longer count towards any limitation and you could have a lot of "active" clients per month. This workflow would last for over 6 years and then you could just archive the oldest months.

Again, that's just one example and it doesn't even involve labels which could be another "step" to link related tasks together.

And finally, Todoist is primarily a personal task list with collaborative features for teams. Utilizing all the limitations allows you to manage 12,000 active tasks at once. If you have a huge company dealing with hundreds of thousands of tasks, then unfortunately Todoist may indeed not be the right tool for management at such big scale :(

That's where Wedoist comes in and we'll soon start working on implementing interaction between both tools which would be a great solution for enterprise customers who need to deal with over 12,000 tasks at once in hundreds of projects.

Best regards,

celita972  premium
Replied on Jan 31, 2014 - 16:12 UTC

Thank you very much for your answer.

I´ll try to explain to you my needs (I am not english speaker... but i´ll try my best)

What I like most of Todoist is being able of hierarchy in so many levels, It makes me possible to have a comprehensive picture of my work. This, I can tell you is not easy, and Todist has helped me a lot.

In my organization I have responsibilites in many diferents aspects, and my job is to be coordinate, in all of those aspects, with others out the organization and with our 35 offices. So it is true I may have only one or two tasks for some of the projects.

But the problem is that the relation between tasks is very weak, when, on the other side, between task and proyect is strong.

When I see a task in a list (when filtering) I always know the project it is related to, but I don´t know if it is a subtask of another task, so it is like I don´t have the objetive in front of me, and some times I feel lost.

I would rather prefer only have tasks and subtasks but more than 80 proyects.

I could use tags, but I would have to type ir every time, and there is the problem that there is no hierarchy in tags, so I will get lost again.

I have been using doit.im for almost a year, but they have done some changes recently that I didn´t like, and they haven´t done what they have promised (like the ability of printing, for example).

So I came back to Todoist and I really liked it, so I got premium. But I will keep asking form more than 80 proyects....;)

Best regards

David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 31, 2014 - 18:02 UTC

Thank you for clarifying. Technically, there's a workaround to get hierarchies of tags - create one project and add tasks to it, each task would only contain a label name. This way you would get a list of labels that can have up to 4 indent levels because some could be sub-tasks/labels. If you would have 3 such projects, you could have a hierarchy of 450 labels in them and +150 for each project.

Of course, that would require adding labels to each task, but then - if you only have a few tasks per project, maybe that could work, considering that you don't even need to type in the entire label name just a fragment and it would auto-complete?

Feel free to try it out :)

Best regards,

celita972  premium
Replied on Jan 31, 2014 - 20:44 UTC

Thanks again.
I am not sure I understood what you suggested, bug you gave me some ideas I Will try.
Let's see how it works with so many labels!

celita972  premium
Replied on Feb 03, 2014 - 20:19 UTC

I´ve tried with labels, and it looks like very useful... (now I have 40 labels) but actually it is very annoying using it because I can not sort labels by name... and it takes too long to find the label....
Is it going to be possible to sort labels by name?
and ti would be even better if we could make groups of labels...

David Trey  staff
Replied on Feb 03, 2014 - 23:08 UTC

We will consider allowing sorting or reordering of labels in future update, but using my suggestion, you could not only sort your labels, but also group them.

The suggestion was to create a new project, call it "Labels" (for example) and add tasks to them that will only "hold" a label.

For example, in one task you just write @home, in another you just write @work and so on. Every task would not really be a task, but just a "container" for a label. You could then create sub-tasks to group them and have a workaround for label groups.

In other words, this is how your task list could look like within a project:

| - @family
| - @garage
| - @laptop
| - @office

So again, this would be a "blank" project filled with "tasks" that only contain a label to list these labels while utilizing the indent option.

Best regards,

celita972  premium
Replied on Feb 03, 2014 - 23:12 UTC

Thank you David.
Sounds really interesting. I think I understood better.
I´ll try!

celita972  premium
Replied on Feb 03, 2014 - 23:18 UTC

Got it!
Thaks for the suggestion!
You should record a video, or do a blog entry with this idea...

紫雨老师  premium
Replied on Oct 10, 2014 - 09:51 UTC

David, I do not understand what purpose can your workaround serve? Just to give us a visual and overall picture of tag hierarchy? Nothing else practical usage?