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Two problems: Timing of agenda mailings and forwarding HTML email


I have two new problems, one of which you had previously fixed.

I get an agenda emailed to me every morning. It was always annoying that it came at 9AM, when I wanted to see it at 7AM when I got up and checked email over breakfast. It now comes after 11. I checked and yes, my time zone is set correctly.

1. Can a feature be added where you set the time for the mailing? Or change the default for 1AM?

A few months ago, I complained that when you forwarded HTML emails to todoist projects, all the code was included, making it impossible to read. You fixed the problem so it stripped the code out within the day. I used the feature yesterday and the problem is back.

2. Can you please restore the function that strips HTML coding out of forwarded email?

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Aug 30, 2013 - 17:13 UTC

Hello Nancy,

I can confirm that we have changed the time of sending out the Daily Digest email to 5am a while ago and all my digests for the past days have arrived about that time (around 6am sometimes, though). Please tell me - since when exactly did you started to receive it at 11am?

Regarding stripping HTML code - could you please link to your previous report so we can backtrack when exactly it was fixed and what were the circumstances etc.?

Best regards,