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MS-Exchange and Shared Tasks


Dear Todoist,

I've just registered for a trial account and have installed your latest beta version of the Outlook plugin (found the link in your user forums). If all works well, we would like to have our whole department purchase the premium version. We were wondering, though, about the integration with the MS-Outlook/Exchange environment. Everyone in our office shares tasks using the MS-Exchange server. If I create a project and have several subtasks (which would not normally be possible in MS-Outlook), how would that appear to others in our office? Would they still be able to see all my tasks? Can I divide my tasks in such a way that they only see the tasks of relevance to them? Does it make a difference whether they are using the plugin or not? Is it possible to assign tasks to others as I would normally do in Outlook?

I looked at your Wedoist product as well, but since it can't be integrated into the MS-Outlook/Exchange environment, we can't adopt that.

Also, I noticed in your forums a couple of issues with the MS-Outlook Plugin:

1) Losing the link to an Email converted to a Task
2) Draft messages being sent out automatically

Have these two issues been resolved as yet? They could cause major difficulties. I understand the beta release that I downloaded is supposed to address issue #1. When is the next stable release expected that addresses these issues?

Thanks! Sounds like a great product and I'm looking forward to trying it out.

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Aug 29, 2013 - 02:09 UTC

Hi Rick,

The integration with Outlook is with the ability to quickly add emails as tasks into Todoist, and to see your task list right within Outlook. This is as far as it goes right now. You can add Todoist to your calendar of choice with the iCal Feed URL which you can find in the Settings area of Todoist.com.

We do not have any sharing of tasks or projects with Todoist at this time, but we are working on this ability and hope to have it out some time this year, though this is not a guaranteed timeframe. We are hoping :)

So unfortunately, for team based items the best solution is Wedoist but as you know, this does not have Outlook support at this time, but is also in the plans.

The first issue has been resolved with the latest unreleased version, but many of the other issues have not been resolved yet but we are working hard on this and hope to find solutions soon.


Professor Rick
Replied on Aug 29, 2013 - 02:20 UTC

Thanks Brendon,

I really appreciate how quickly, comprehensively and candidly you replied to this query. That's the sign of a great company. Once the Outlook integration is on track, we will definitely try out your product once more. In the interim, might you be able to suggest alternative solutions? Feel free to email me separately if you'd like.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Aug 29, 2013 - 11:21 UTC

Hello Rick,

As Brendon mentioned, the only alternative we could offer right now is Wedoist. If you'd bring your entire team there, it could become an alternative for Exchange as everyone would be able to access all relevant data anytime.

Also, please note that aside from linking emails as tasks, with Todoist Premium or Wedoist Unlimited, you could forward emails to a special address of your Todoist or Wedoist project and they would be converted to tasks (incl. their entire body as a task note). This way, you could set auto-forwarding to Wedoist and your team would see incoming mails being added as tasks.

We're already working on implementing sharing to Todoist, though.

Best regards,