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Sorry if this was asked already, but what does "*" do for Projects on left pane?

I can see clearly what bolding and italics do, but can't for the life of me see a difference with the asterisk ... I know it takes off the checkmark box in the tasks panel (right side) but although I see comments that it's supposed to do the same for projects on the left, it makes no visual or functional difference as far as I can tell. I ask this because I would love a way to differentiate "categories" or "areas" and put sub-projects in them ... something a bit more than just the colors. I am using both safari and chrome in 10.6 as my main platform; is this just for the desktop (OS 10.8+) version that it makes the projects into visually/functionally different categories? Thank you so much.

Also, any chance of non-project input availability becoming part of a "today" list if it ever becomes a permanent addition like the inbox recently did? In other words, the ability to click "today" in some form and see what should be done from various project AND ability to add to the today list on the fly ad hoc-style? Thank you.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Aug 27, 2013 - 18:11 UTC

Hello Adrian,

The asterisk is a deprecated feature and will be no longer supported in the future. In the past, if you've used it with a project, it became impossible to add tasks to this project and clicking on this project's name has collapsed the structure. Now as we've added the option to view all sub-projects' content when clicking on the parent project, this became redundant.

You can still create a parent project and not all tasks into it only to its sub-projects and treat it as a category. You can format it differently or name it like: -- HOME -- to see that it shouldn't be used.

As for your second question - that's already possible. Simply click on the + icon in the top-right corner or use the Ctrl+Q shortcut to activate the "Quick Add" feature which allows you to add a task from anywhere.

Having an "Add task" link below your today's tasks will most likely not be possible because adding tasks like this on such list would make it not only unclear to what project you would want to add the task, but also - if you would indent a task there, would it become the sub-task of the task above or the task that is above the new task within the target project? So, again - you can add a task on this or any other view, but only using the "Quick Add" feature.

Best regards,

Adrian  premium
Replied on Aug 27, 2013 - 18:43 UTC

Thank you so much for your rapid response; I recently upgraded to premium and have to say I am not used to such a fast and on point response from other services I've tried : )

Gotcha with the folders, although I have to say that the folder style that Gqueques uses would help the categories stand out a bit more and would not add too much clutter, especially if they are optional for each (under settings).

As for the today list, I guess I see your point technically, but what I am saying for a use case is let's say I get a call from someone asking me to do something. Should I create a special project so I can add it and then put it in for "today" with the date? Or place it under a project called "calls"? At home, at the office, on the mobile, etc.?

My point is it's not important enough to figure out how to categorize under labels/projects, and I don't want to make random projects for it, let alone double enter under random project and then pick "today" from the date.

So if "today" ever became a permanent thing like the Inbox, then the ability to see what is from projects AND make a non-project specific list (default add to today) with both a "pull from projects via date picker" AND push to today ad hoc would be fantastic, and I suspect others would too (this has been a huge issue for Wunderlist where the 2.0 version lost this functionality and was a huge item of complaint on forums).

I will make a feature request for voting as I suspect I am not the only one who would like this as an option.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Aug 27, 2013 - 22:05 UTC


Thank you for clarifying. In the use case you've mentioned, the "Quick Add" feature should work too. If you need to add a quick task - hit Ctrl+Q on any view and you can also type in "tod" in the date field to set it to today, or add it without a date.

For tasks that aren't related to any project, we recommend adding them to the Inbox. This will also ensure that even if you won't set a date for it, you can always think about checking the Inbox for such quickly added tasks.

Best regards,