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Upgrade issues


I am pretty concerned about this program. It seemed that after I upgrade the the premium package, I continue to have problems. Several weeks ago, when I updated to the latest version, the program would crash. I went through the process recommended by uninstalling and reinstalling an older version.
Yet every time I open the program it notifies me of a new version. Assuming that the latest version would be fixed, I upgraded, and now I am back where I was. The program won't run on my Windows 7 professional computer. How can I get past this, and after all this time do you have solution for running on Windows 7 without crashing?

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Aug 22, 2013 - 22:47 UTC

Hi Billy,

We are currently working on all the issues we are having with our Windows apps, but so far have not had much luck.

Please let me know which version of our app you have tried, and if you are referring to the windows app or the Outlook plugin.

Please try the following versions of each.



Many of these updates are suppose to resolve these issues, but some have continued. We are working on this and are hopeful.