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todo from email - can I delete email and stil access it from task?


When I create a task from an email using the right click drop down menu, it works fine as long as the email stays in the inbox. But if I move it to another folder or delete it the task item can't access it anymore.
Except that for one link it still could access it, which made me think I had done something differently.
How do I create a task from an email such that I can delete the email and still access it from the task?

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Aug 21, 2013 - 13:49 UTC

Hello Jim,

Please clarify - how exactly are you creating the task from email?

There are two ways:
- Through the "Add task as email" option by linking it to a message in which case the message should stay there as this is only a link to it and won't store the message on Todoist.
- Through the "Email tasks to this project" option by sending the mail to your Todoist project in which case the email is not linked, but converted to a task note and you can then delete the original email in your inbox.

Also - in case you're referring to the first option - are you using one of our browser plugins and GMail, our Outlook plugin or our Thunderbird plugin?

Best regards,