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Outlook pane only shows help


My Outlook pane is showing help information and will not go back to my task list. I uninstalled the add-in and reinstalled and the problem persists. I followed the uninstall/reinstall advice in the "OutlookTodoistADX only shows help page" Support questions from May 2013 and the problem persists. I'm using Windows Internet Explorer Version 8 in a newwork environment with Enterprise.

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Aug 02, 2013 - 23:05 UTC

Hi Marilyn,

Please try using the "Logout Todoist" button at the top of your Outlook pane. If that does not work, please uninstall the plugin, clear the cache for IE (we don't support 8 anymore, 9+) and install this updated unreleased version. https://d2dq6e731uoz0t.cloudfront.net/27d69392edce0cbd2d7128b9c74d070d/as/OutlookTodoist.Adx.exe