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Change of payment method?



I've been using Todoist for several years and it has really helped me organize my life. A lot. So of course I should be a Premium user. Not so much for the extra features, but more to support the project itself, 'cause I'd hate to see it be abandoned due to lack of funds.

But my problem has always been that you've used to have PayPal as the only option, and I have personal issues regarding PayPal since the WikiLeaks incident. And then you added the Android app and I could use Google Play to pay. But I honestly don't trust Google to handle my money either. They know too much about me already.

So, for no reason at all, I just happened to click the "Todoist Premium" button in the menu right now, and noticed that you have changed the payment options. Now I can choose between credit cards and PayPal. But I'm afraid I'm still a bit skeptic - last time I checked, you could pay with credit cards without the need of a PayPal account, but it was still PayPal who handled the transaction.

Is it still the same, but with a cosmetical change, or is someone else handling the credit card transaction? (And who would that be if that's the case?)

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jul 04, 2013 - 11:19 UTC

Hello Magnus,

Thank you for your feedback and your support, we appreciate if very much :)

Regarding the payment options - yes, we've recently added a new direct credit card payment option to move away from PayPal. This new option has nothing to do with PayPal. We're using a service called Stripe which basically offers a great API we can use to process payments, they're working directly with the biggest credit card providers (Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc.) and again - have nothing to do with PayPal.

You're welcome to check out their website https://stripe.com/ for more information.

Best regards,