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"open & quick add" shortcut not working


The windows 7 application shortcut key to open the app and go straight to add a new task doesn't appear to be working. "ctrl + alt + t" opens the application, but "ctrl + alt + a" opens the application in the exact same way, it doesn't go to 'quick add'. I've tried also changing the shortcut combination to other letters (.e.g "ctrl + alt + y") and it presents the same incorrect behavior. It simply opens the application, it doesn't go straight to 'add a new task'.

What am I missing?

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m  premium
Replied on Jul 03, 2013 - 19:56 UTC

Nevermind, it is working now. Apperently I just needed to restart my computer after installing the application.

Overall, this is a great tool, good work guys! I can't wait to see what new features you are going to add next!