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Time for reoccurring tasks defaults to 11:59PM

When I create a reoccurring task and try to set a time it reverts to 11:59 PM. For example if I try “Ev 2 weeks starting 16 @ 10:00 am”. The task reoccurrence is correct but the time defaults to 11:59PM. When I try to edit it the occurrence looks correct but after saving it reverts back to 11:59 pm

I can provide screen shots if needed

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Jun 14, 2013 - 00:38 UTC

Hi Ivan,

The correct syntax is the following, The date needs to be last currently.

"ev 2 weeks at 10am starting 16"


ivan.slovin  premium
Replied on Jun 14, 2013 - 00:45 UTC

Thanks Brendon It worked. I appreciate the info and the quick response!

Rick Carter  premium
Replied on Feb 01, 2014 - 16:55 UTC

Though there is an example showing this correctly in https://todoist.com/Help/DatesTimes , it seems such a common issue (with an oddball result), I ask that you consider calling it out specifically in there (perhaps the line showing the example could say "note: the time must be before the date).

Rick Carter  premium
Replied on Feb 01, 2014 - 17:00 UTC

And actually, I realize the only example there doesn't show, say, an "after" example for recurrence... perhaps it should.

Dan Carter  premium
Replied on May 30, 2014 - 11:27 UTC

I agree with Rick. The "syntax" for reoccurrence leaves much to be desired with Todoist and should be better documented or just expanded. Most other To Do apps that I have used (i.e. Remember the Milk, Wunderlist, Astrid) all have utilities that help setup reoccurrence without having to learn the shorthand.

Barbara Dybwad  premium
Replied on Oct 09, 2014 - 23:09 UTC

doubly confusing because "11am Friday" is invalid syntax for non-recurring tasks and must be written "Friday 11am" -- but recurring tasks require the opposite order. Counterintuitive...

Christian deTorres  premium
Replied on Oct 10, 2014 - 01:48 UTC

I second the call for an improved syntax and markup -- I like and use Todoist Premium, but I feel it stumbles the most with regard to ease of adding tasks, and I miss the smart natural language syntax like that used by Remember the Milk and Producteev, both of which let me type or speak something like "Call Fred tomorrow at noon" and it gets slotted in properly.

Also, how did Todoist pick its markup? Nothing else uses that style. Why not use Markdown?