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Outlook crashing since installing OutlookTodoist


I love having todoist alongside my email in Outlook. But since I installed Outlook is crashing often. I'm not sure the pattern yet but as I'm performing regular tasks (sending email, clicking to the calendar etc) something triggers is and Outlook crashes. Then restarts quick enough and everything is back to normal. The Todoist add-in appears to work normally at all times.

The crashing isn't frequent enough or delays me enough just yet to uninstall. And I reeeeally want it to work. But if it keeps up I might be forced to. Any suggestions?

(Running 64-bit Windows 7, installed the 64-bit version OutlookTodoist, Outlook 2010)

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Jun 03, 2013 - 16:44 UTC

Hi Tony,

Is Outlook crashing, or is it Todoist crashing? Is there any error messages to confirm the crash?

Please try logging out of the plugin, clearing the cache for Internet Explorer (plugin uses it) and see if that helps.

If that does not help, please try re-installing the plugin.


Tony de Lyell
Replied on Jun 03, 2013 - 17:58 UTC

So I went through everything you suggested to no avail. Then I realized in the last week I also added a mailbox account to outlook which I've had problems with before. I removed that and hey presto Outlook is happy again.

Issue was not related to the Todoist install. It's working like a gem.

Thanks for the quick response!