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Our company has 5 staff. Different staff have there own tasks. If our boss want to see all the staff's task in one place but each staff should not see each others tasks. Will it be possible.

My next query is If we have a header and many sub tasks in it. Can I copy the same sub tasks to another header.

Thanks in advance.

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on May 29, 2013 - 18:09 UTC

Hi Prince,

If you are only using one Account then there is no way to hide one task from a person. The solution would be for all of you to have your own Todoist account. That way they can deal with the tasks they need and only the boss will be able to come and check it.

With Premium Todoist you are able to export a Project, and import it back into a new project, which would copy those same tasks.

For team based project/task management we do recommend our other software Wedoist. This might be of what you need. http://www.wedoist.com