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task calendar failing to import or update


Hi, from time to time, the calendar feed from todoist stops updating in google calendar. I know items from todoist aren't replicated in google immediately... sometimes it takes a few minutes, but this is different. Changes I make in todoist aren't showing up (or disappearing when complete) a day later.

So I tried unsubscribing, and then subscribing again, but this fails.
The error I receive is this:
"Failed to import calendar from "https://ext.todoist.com/Export/icalTodoist?user_id=31949&csrf_token=8ebf7a6c7dd04c948465b8713ba37179&r_factor=572".

How can this be fixed?

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David Trey  staff
Replied on May 26, 2013 - 11:28 UTC

Hello Jonny,

Please try to unsubscribe from the calendar, then add it again, but once you do, don't wait for it to be added. When you'll see the yellow "Importing from URL" message at the top - close the calendar. Google will then automatically reattempt to sync everything and within a couple of hours all your tasks should be added.

Best regards,