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export completed tasks


Is there anyway to export the completed tasks? I know they are stored but I can't find them. I check the backups but it seems like they were not in there. It would be great if I can make a manual back up of all the tasks that I have completed.


Hao Chen

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on May 01, 2013 - 17:30 UTC

Hi Hao,

At the moment there is no way to export completed tasks. It is very likely this will be added in the future.

You can vote on it in the Votebox: http://todoist.com/Vote/showProposal/11/


Dorsey McIntosh
Replied on Aug 01, 2014 - 12:43 UTC

Not being able to export completed tasks is one reason that I'm not renewing my Premium account & why I've returned to Omnifocus (upgrading to the beautiful, highly functional version 2) for my task manager.

Dennis  premium
Replied on Jan 06, 2015 - 13:40 UTC

Has this been implemented or has someone figured a way to export completed tasks? I need this to make templates each semester as I am a college teacher with repetitive weekly tasks.



alba.luis  premium
Replied on Feb 04, 2015 - 18:00 UTC

This would be a great feature. Currently when I'm updating my progress in meetings at work, I have to copy and paste all the completed items into a word document. It would be great to be able to export completed tasks of a project to a text file.

Elizabeth Martin  premium
Replied on Feb 18, 2015 - 13:55 UTC

Replying to indicate I, too, would love this option!