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Working Offline - removal of all tasks

While I was working offline I moved several tasks to a different project.

Now that I'm online and have synced all of those tasks have disappeared. The newly added projects are there but ALL tasks are gone.

This is extremely frustrating as I'll need to recreate all of these tasks. If Todoist doesn't work while offline, then please make that clear.

Thank you.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Apr 29, 2013 - 18:10 UTC


Todoist does work offline and it's technically not possible for any data to get lost unless the browser's cache is being cleared before it gets a chance to sync online.

Therefore, please tell me:
- Are you using only one Todoist account and logging into it on all devices?
- How were you accessing Todoist? Through the web (what browser)? Through our mobile apps (which ones)? Through our plugins?
- Can you find any of these tasks by labels? If they've had any labels try to search for them. If they've had any priorities, try to search for all tasks with this priority.

Best regards,

joalexander88 .
Replied on Apr 29, 2013 - 19:02 UTC

Hi David,

Thanks for your quick reply!

-I'm using Internet Explorer 9
-I was accessing Todoist through the web on my laptop
-I didn't have any labels set, unfortunately

I found that, when I was back online, refreshing the window with that "session" of Todoist didn't show me any of tasks that had been reassigned to different projects. (The "diappearing" panic moment!) If I logged out and logged back in there tasks are all there, just like you said.

Turns out I should have taken a moment to try a few different things instead of sending a pretty rude-sounding email!

Thanks for replying to me anyway. I look forward to using Todoist!