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Option for automatic reminder at time task is due?

I know in most cases Todoist acts as a task manager, so is mostly useful to have reminders in advance of Due Dates.

I've set up a project called Reminders, to use just to be reminded to do something at a particular time. In the reminders set up you can specify times to be reminded relative to the Due Date, but the minimum is 10 minutes before.

Would it be possible to just add 'at time of Due Date' in addition to the existing options?

This would be great as Todoist solves all the shortcomings of Apple's Reminders app, but ironically doesn't seem to be possible to set a simple reminder at a specific time.

Apologies if I've missed something somewhere!

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Apr 22, 2013 - 12:13 UTC

Hello Iain,

Thank you very much for your suggestion, we'll consider adding an option to fully customize the default reminder time and you're welcome to vote for it here: http://todoist.com/Vote/showProposal/298/

For now, as a workaround, you could use absolute reminders instead of relative reminders. To do so, you can either right-click on an existing task, go to the Reminders menu, select "Absolute reminder" as a reminder type and then set any date and time as you want.

Alternatively, you can set such reminder while adding the task. Simply type <remind tod at 2pm> within the task's name and such reminder will be added right away. Note - this option doesn't even require having a due date or a due time for the task itself and you can use all supported date formats, which means you can also add recurring reminders.

Best regards,