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No easy - quick way to add subtask to an existing task - Mac and Chrome

Pressing enter doesn't append a task below it as indicated on the shortcut list

So there is no way currently for me to directly create a subtask, which is a very basic action.

Is there another way to enter a subtask or could this be fixed?

Friendly greetings,

Erik W

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Replied on Apr 14, 2013 - 11:43 UTC

Hello Erik,

When you click on the "Add task" button at the bottom of your task list in a project, then Enter will indeed save the current task and open another input box below it.

If you're not using this link, but rather right-clicking on an existing task and choosing "Add task below" or "Add task above" from the right-click menu, then also - typing in the task's name and hitting Enter will open another input box below.

The only option which will not open an input box below with Enter is clicking with your left mouse button on an existing task in which case, when you edit this task and hit Enter, it will only save the changes. In these situations, you can use SHIFT+Enter to save the changes and open the input box below it or CTRL+Enter to save the changes and open the box above it.

Best regards,