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You have managed to check off almost every single item on my task manager wish list:

1. Sync everywhere with everything
2. Tags/Contexts
3. Great keyboard shortcuts
4. Calendar sync (surprisingly most apps don't see the point)
5. Apps for iOS AND Android
6. Natural language date entry
7. Email workflow
8. Last but not least great design

I tried todoist years ago and it just wasn't quite there yet, but OMG how you've grown! I saw a tweet about you yesterday, and had to check it out again and so glad I did.

I've used EVERYTHING... from Omnifocus to Toodledo, things, THL, Priorities, etc, but NONE of them hit the notes that you do.

Bravo, and please keep up the good work!

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Alex Bryan  premium
Replied on Mar 28, 2013 - 13:42 UTC

Ditto.... I, too, tried it years ago, abandoned it for awhile, but came back and it has changed my life.

Paul Nadon  premium
Replied on Mar 28, 2013 - 13:56 UTC

Yes. I too am very grateful for ToDoist.

Thank you.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Mar 28, 2013 - 14:02 UTC

Thank you very much, we've happy to hear that :)

We always try to improve our app even more and there are still more great surprises and improvements coming in the future. Thank you for your continued support :)

Best regards,