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question for recurrence task fixed show for "today"



this may not quite suitable be question here. i want just clarify that if it works now or not. Otherwise, i can filled in votebox later...

i have some of task with recurrence every day. Due to the task of very low priority, i may not want do it today. so, in second day, it will show under the bucket of the "yesterday" task. And same situation will plus over due days later..

It sound not very good for some of case.

I want to take newspaper "NY time" every day. So, i add one recurrence task as "ev day" to reminder me.
-->if i have forgot it and the task not got "finished" click.
-->The second day, it show in yesterday, not today. But, i do not want to got yesterdays newspaper but today's.

And in the case, i have filter as default page of Todoist, "tod, +3". This recurrence task will not show any more. But actually, it show be there.

i just want to have one feature to fixed tasks of recurrence. it can always in the today's bucket, by fixed or other way..

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Mar 22, 2013 - 12:58 UTC

Hello Peter,

This feature is unfortunately not possible and you're welcome to add a request to the Votebox. For now, you could either postpone the task to tomorrow if you won't make it today, but we strongly recommend to include overdue tasks in your start page (tod, +3, od). The default queries always include overdue to make sure you won't miss them as it's currently not possible to have a task stay as due "today" and never get overdue.

Best regards,