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Is there a way to enable/disable SSL encryption offered by Todoist Premium?


First off, thank you for making an awesome product! I've found Todoist to be very helpful in organizing my tasks (daily, weekly, etc). In fact, I had enjoyed using it so much that I signed up for Todoist Premium which automatically encrypts all Todoist traffic. This is fine for when I'm using Todoist from home and otherwise I do not have any major issues. However, I've found Todoist extremely useful for keeping track of the myriad of developer tasks I'm responsible for at my job BUT I also found that when I signed up for Todoist premium, that all HTTPS traffic is blocked by my employer (Login and Task page). I can get around the secure login page by storing and restoring authenticated cookies to log into Todoist, however I'm unable to (easily) work around the automatic encryption in place for the Tasks page.

Q) Is there a way to enable/disable SSL encryption offered by Todoist Premium? This question also goes for all the different extensions of Todoist (Todoist Desktop, Chrome Plugin, Outlook Plugin, etcetera)

I love the product, but what would otherwise be a nice and premium feature is preventing me from using this to organize my job tasks on a day to day basis without significant workarounds.

Thank you,

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Mar 01, 2013 - 12:41 UTC

Hello Jason,

There is no way to disable SSL for Todoist Premium. In fact, we may offer SSL for everyone in the future.

It's very unusual that HTTPS is being blocked at your work. Have you tried contacting your IT department about it? It may be a mistake because HTTP should normally be blocked as it's less secure a maker your company prone to data theft in some cases while HTTPS prevents it.

Best regards,