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Inconsistent UX/features for subtasks among todoist clients, causing sync error?



I have found there is inconsistency in UX/features for subtasks among todoist clients (e.g., app for MAC OS/PC, Chrome extension, iOS/Android app, Outlook plugin - I use all of these clients.)

For example, in app for Mac OS, I can change the level of tasks by clicking small arrows on the right in edit mode, while I need to specify the exact level in edit mode in iOS/Android App. On the other hand, Chrome extension doesn't have this feature.

Also, the subtask (or tasks with a level) are not properly displayed in Chrome extension (no doubt...) and Android app, etc.

More problematic thing is that sync is broken when I use various clients. Apparently, level associated with each task is preserved, but the orders of tasks are not kept, which breaks the task-subtask relationship.

For example,

- B
- D

can be changed to the following after syncing among multiple clients.
- B
- D

It would be great if you let me know the roadmap (if any) of fixing this problem. Making subtasks in various platforms is one of the most important feature for me.

Thank you in advance.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Feb 26, 2013 - 00:45 UTC


Please note that sub-tasks are handled differently when you're within a project and when you're in any search result view, such as the "today" or "7 days" view.

On "today, 7 days", you cannot change the indent levels of tasks and they should be displayed all "flat" with no indent level visible (unless the task that meets the search criteria is a parent task then you can expand its sub-tasks for reference. This is not the case on mobile apps as you can see the indent level in the today vie there. We will correct this issue soon in future updates.

The Chrome extension does allow you to indent tasks, but again - only when you're within a project, not on the "7 days" view.

Please make sure that you're viewing tasks within the exact same project (and you are in project view) across all platforms and then let me know if you see differences in the display of sub-tasks in the same project on any platform.

We're aware of certain differences in how sub-tasks can be created on the mobile apps and the rest of supported platforms and we're working on creating a better way to handle them via mobile in the future.

Best regards,