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Order of todo item groups



When my tasks become overdue, it seems that when they go past 6 or 7 days overdue, they suddenly get ordered to the bottom of the list, when they should stay at the top (being the most urgent).

I noticed this on Android and Firefox.

This is when viewing tasks under "today" or "7 days"


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Feb 04, 2013 - 20:44 UTC

Hello Matthew,

This is an intended behavior. We wanted to make sure that you won't miss today's tasks and if you'd have many overdue tasks, at some point the "today" list will be pushed to the very bottom and hidden.

Therefore, overdue tasks are being split into: 5 or less days overdue and displayed at the top so you can still catch up to them and 6 or more days overdue which are already more than a working week old and therefore may seem obsolete if you haven't caught up to them within the past 5 days.

You can also quickly reschedule any task by right-clicking on it and choosing "Do it today" it it becomes overdue for too long.

Best regards,