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Oulook Links not clickable

It is a great convenience to me to have clickable links for Outlook, but that the way I get a lot of tasks. Unfortunately, it's not working for me.

Here's what happens:

- I go into Outlook 2007, have todoist showing, highlight the email and use "Add email as task" Generally I set a date.
- If I check it just after I do it, it works fine
- The next day I go back into Outlook todoist and try clicking the email - NOTHING HAPPENS. At the moment I have about 20 of these, none of which are clickable to link back to the email

Other thoughts:
- In order to make these more useful I frequently use a label '@Linda'e.g. to make the task more useful. It appears outside the Outlook gobeldygook in the task and seems ok
- If I click these after, they seem to work, but again the next time I try it, i doesn't work. Same issue. Is that screwing things up?

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Feb 02, 2013 - 21:05 UTC

Hello Mark,

Adding labels doesn't have any affect and isn't causing the issue you're experiencing. It's most likely caused by the use of an Exchange Server (it assigns a new ID of the message each time you connect or move the message to a different folder). We are currently working on this issue and hope to fix it in the next update of our plugin.

Best regards,

Mark Davis  premium
Replied on Feb 04, 2013 - 03:51 UTC

Yes, that is definitely it. I typically make the email a task, then file it in an appropriate folder. Then the link is lost.

Any sense of when this plugin might be fixed? I imagine most people are using MS Exchange w/ Outlook. It's kind of useless with this issue.

It's hard to figure out a workaround from this. I can email the task to a project and then flag it as an Outlook todo with no date, which at least lets me find the email again. But it somewhat means having 2 todo lists. Or, I could try moving it to a folder before flagging it as a task so the link isn't lost. But that take a couple extra clicks. Any advice would be appreciated.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Feb 04, 2013 - 12:26 UTC


Unfortunately, we're not sure when the updated version of our plugin will be released. We're working on it and hope it will be out soon.

As for the alternative solution - you could create a project in Todoist called "Inbox" where you would forward all emails you want to add as tasks and once you're done, you can go to this project and simply drag & drop these tasks to the related projects.

Also, please note that when you forward an email as a task, you can add a label and a due date to it right away. For example, if you add @meetings <date tod at 2pm> within the subject or the body of the message, it will be added with the set due date and the label right away.

For more information about the advantages of both options, please refer to this post on our blog: http://todoist.com/blog/2013/01/zero-inbox-policy-with-todoist/

Best regards,