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integrate with kanban


Hi, i tried wedoist, because i like todoist very much. but i need to organize tasks in a team and wedoist simply does not cut it. having todoist with sharing tasks with other todoist members would enough, all the features are there already. i dont understand why you started wedoist from scratch which is not in a usable state now.

thats why i now try kanbanery , kanban/scrum like project / task management. looks nice and simple.
they also have API with json calls (similar to todoist).
any chance to get some kind of integration of the two. like show the tasks in kanban in column "todo / today" inside todoist.
or integrate different projects / boards into a single todo-list in todoist.


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Daniel Unterberger
Replied on Jan 29, 2013 - 13:20 UTC

just to let you know, quite some while ago i spent some time and wrote a calender sync plugin for todoist.com. completely html / javascript no server involved. (just hosted on server for convenience). i store no personal data on the server, maybe only cookies. you can see all sourcecode there. (no database involved but both api's talking directly via javascript or ajax.

maybe i write a sync-plugin for kanbanery and todoist.com just talking with javascript and the apis directly.
kanbanery has a live url. so it can call a script on another server and inform about updates. this would be the trigger to import or update tasks into the todoist tasklist in a specific project. (and maybe even sync with google calender as a side effect).

do you like this idea ?

would be nice to have some kind of todoist marketplace where people can write plugins (as the API is openly available) and implement some special features.
with trusted hosting so people (e.g. premium members can use it) or you integrate it in the main website if its a nice feature on the long run.


David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 29, 2013 - 13:38 UTC

Hello Daniel,

Thank you very much for your feedback, I will pass it to the developers. The kanban integrations is unlikely, though, as we're already working on a merge of Todoist with Wedoist allowing you to manage personal and team-based tasks and project.

Best regards,

Replied on Jan 29, 2013 - 23:52 UTC

Hey Daniel, that's amazing I've just been researching Kanban for the first time today, and here I see you've just posted this, today! :)

It's funny it got that funny name (Kanban) where essentially that's the most basic way people naturally sort out their Things2Do...
Mark Forster ("do it tomrrow") for example call it Final Version (and AutoFocus before that)

I will be VERY happy with a Todoist-Kanban plugin tool / sync !
Instead of Kanbanery though, I think it's a better idea to aim for Trello/LeanKit Kanban/Pomodoro Daisuki (which is very straightforward Kanban for "here&now", using also pomodoro technique, which is essentially what Kanban should be all about. For long term plans and backlog we've got Todoist after all.
Compared to Kanbanery free option, the tools I've mentioned offer more. A membership to Kanbanery is something else.
Also Trello is becoming VERY popular but since it's more than just a straightforward Kanban, I've listed the other 2 to consider as well.

All the other services I've researched today charge a lot more, as they are intended for larger teams normally.

I'm looking forward though for the Todoist+Wedoist integration.

Lastly, can you please explain why the need of the Calendar sync plugin you created? After all Todoist integrates very well with my google calendar anyhow.


Daniel Unterberger
Replied on Jan 30, 2013 - 09:59 UTC

Hi Tomer,

i didn't see Trello before, but basically its the same featureset than kanbanery, but completely free. also the gui and css is nicer and scales better, they also have the checkbox list (subtasks) in the middle which is a bit small in kanbanery, also all your activities are in one blog-wall and not into tabs like kanabery (attachments, issues). so its more simple but more useful.

i see they also have an api. don't know if they also can call a server with notifications, so you don't need to check the server all the time.

i also see there are already projects consuming the trello API, eg. also a node git project https://github.com/adunkman/node-trello .
this would make it easy to have it running as a Cloud-Service where you can subscribe and then trello and todoist would be updated, (if you have notifications basically in realtime, does todoist-api also have a live-url notification, do i can call a server-url if there are changes in todoist (data) and then call the sync process.

integrated into todoist would be best experience i think. but its webservice (website) anyway, so integration should not be to hard.
my company has a fast webserver, so i can put some experimental node-server with sync-feature there. and see where it is going.

i think i will switch to tello, as its free, and it even looks more stable.


i built the calender sync some while ago (thats the reason it does not work anymore, as goolge changed their api, but it was working)
because the calendar support in todoist then was unstable and had a lack of features (maybe still). only integration i know is subscribe with ical-service (webdav) but its readonly. with my plugin i can edit tasks on both sides either in todoist or in google-cal. also it syncs each project into a separate calendar (folder) so you can have nice colors when looking in google-calendar (website) or if you use ical on mac for syncing the google-cal (actually this way you can sync calendar.app on mac with todoist) .
i always put a deadline on the tasks , so they can be matched 1:1 with events in google-calendar. eg. i can move entries in google-calender, eg. in week view to rearrange my workload, and it will update todoist to have the same order.
i have to check but last time i used it the calendar subscribtions in todoist.com was readonly. means i can enter tasks / events in todoist and "display" in google calendar but i cannot edit them inside the calendar. the plugin solves this.
i now also program in node.js, so this would be a javascript only solution to build this plugin.
also in the beginning the google-calendar had problems with time-zone offset, which also led me to write the plugin.
and to test the api and simply have fun with a hobby project ;)


Daniel Unterberger
Replied on Jan 30, 2013 - 16:01 UTC

One idea to have "plugin market or framework" could be to use http://userscripts.org/ and do it all in javascript. this way the whole plugin can be in javascript (similar to firefox or google extensions). and via dom-maniplation can enter buttons in the existing todoist.com website, eg. add a new button next to "show projects" etc. like totaly integrating with the service.

then there could be a feature like "sync with google-calendar" (similar to the one i wrote already, see above)

another one could be a sync with "trello.com" where you store some account information. probably in a cookie, so you don't have to login all the time or use some one-click integration with open-id…

via dom manipulation there can also be whole pieces of html and gui rendered on demand, for displaying configuration forms etc.

the idea would be to put all into this my-userscript-todoist.js which can be posted on userscripts.org and everybody can use and install it, if he wants to have this features.

the sync could then also be done automatically with timeout (eg. each 5 minutes) or manually with a "refresh-button" or semi-automatic, watching the ajax-calls from todoist-server and update changes directly as another ajax-call with the trello.com api. fast response and update, but don't overload the server with the API.

trello.com actually is also "just a html-page" so another userscript.js plugin could be used on the other domain to do the sync in reverse. (maybe some tricks so there are no deadlocks and loops, if you use both at the same time) then also this myuserscript-trello.js would watch the dom or ajax calls for changes and would update changes into todoist.com api.

as userscripts are injected directly into the them it should run like it came from the website itself and even hook into the ajax-requests to get realtime notification.

this way also no webserver is needed for the sync-plugins, and it would actually be a real "plugin" to enhance the service. (means no hosting, node.js etc. but local js file directly in your browser. ) as its opensource everybody can check the code to see, that there are no malicious requests done with your private data.

userscripts are available form most browsers so this is also crossplattform. (and with small modification it can be used as user-script with fluid.app on mac directly).

other plugins could be done this way also.

then after some user vote and review, this plugin could be included into the mail website and run as normal feature without userstyles. but this way the community has a chance to add features to todoist.com in a opensource way of participation.

what do you think ?


Daniel Unterberger
Replied on Jan 30, 2013 - 16:07 UTC

by the way, i moved my project over to trello.com , and all the features work like expected and its even a bit nicer than kanbanery. there is nice keyboard support with esc-key and tab + enter for submitting forms, also adding many tasks in a list by entering one line + enter, adds a new task. just as you would expect and not old style boring html-forms, but nice responsive dhtml-ajax gui.

Daniel Unterberger
Replied on Jan 30, 2013 - 16:45 UTC

i see there are already userscripts for todoist.
but quite old, and mainly for ui-improvements or hacks to remove limitations from the "not-premium" version.

my idea would be to have more advanced plugin with API-syncronisation which is possible as it is all javascript , json and ajax.

Steve Dashiell
Replied on Aug 06, 2013 - 00:03 UTC

Is ToDoist working on a Kanban feature yet? Being able to see tasks in a visual way seems like a more natural way to view tasks. I am surprised that ToDoist doesn't have this feature yet.

Replied on Sep 21, 2013 - 13:11 UTC

I'm on the same page with Daniel. If different approaches to task management are simply different ways to work with the same data set, Kanban could be Todoist's best friend.

Bryan Watkins  premium
Replied on Feb 26, 2015 - 17:53 UTC

Hey-Sorry to bring this up again but is Todoist working on a Kanban feature set? Saw Flow just introduced this and was hoping you guys would too! http://www.getflow.com

Richard D  premium
Replied on Mar 11, 2015 - 15:20 UTC

One thing you could try is to do a new Todoist project, calling it something like DoingWork (3) where 3 is your WIP limit - you must manually enforce this limit yourself.

Then you can do a filter such as this (all my projects for work are called 'Work xxx'):

p:DoingWork, (p:work & (overdue, today))

This shows you first your 'WIP project' then any work tasks that have due dates for today or overdue.

J  premium
Replied on Aug 28, 2015 - 01:18 UTC

Please add a Kanban feature.

Alberto Mendoza  premium
Replied on Sep 16, 2015 - 22:45 UTC

I've been using Todoist for a long time for personal tasks and it perfectly fits my needs.

Working with several people an tasks makes you loose the perspective of what's in todo, doing or done. Would be great an integration with some saas like kanbantool. I think it could be zapped but i mean a clearer and bidirectional integration.

On the other hand, maybe could be easier the fact of creating a kanban view with the name of the project on columns and a card-view for tasks, all integrated into todoist.