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Really like many of the recent UI updates!


Not a question, but simply wanted to acknowledge some of the recent UI improvements:

- the font used for headings (e.g. Today, etc.) which was updated several months ago looks clean and is really easy on the eyes!

- the move from coloured rectangular boxes beside projects to coloured dots looks great

- similar to the above, changing the label to the right of the task from a coloured project box to a small project name with a coloured dot looks much cleaner

- I like the fact that priorities are no longer identified by an entire task name being coloured (check box colour is much cleaner and less distracting than an entire task name being coloured, and less confusing since the colour of priorities was sometimes very similar to the colour of url links and hard to distinguish between)

- I know the change in colours used to identify priorities has upset some, and perhaps the best solution would be to allow users to choose their own since this is already the case with projects and labels. I don't have a problem distinguishing between the two shades of blue (though I still don't know why red, orange and yellow weren't used since they seem to have more of a universal application re priority/urgency), but allowing user choice might be the best solution for all.

I didn't think the Todoist web app could look any better, but you've managed to to do just that! Keep up the great work!!!

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 14, 2013 - 12:48 UTC

Hello Cliff,

Thank you very much for your feedback, we're happy to hear that you like the recent changes :)

Best regards,