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Todoist Window Size


Happy 2013 to you ....

My new Windows-based Todoist window will not open the full extent of the page. While this may not sound like much of an issue, it is when you are trying to make a change to a task listed toward the bottom of a particular page. In the settings drop-down up to the bottom three options are inaccessible. Any ideas?

Also my newest iPad version is lovely - the same as I've had on my iPhone for awhile. However, it would be nice if I had the option to make the very small window larger when needed - for longer Todoist sessions. Am I missing how to do this, or is it not an option?

As always, many thanks!

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 11, 2013 - 22:02 UTC


Could you please send a screenshot showing the Windows-related issue to david@doist.io ?

As for the iOS app, the current iPhone app only works "as an iPhone app" on the iPad, but we will release a native iPad version soon. For now, you could try to access the full web-version on your iPad through http://todoist.com/m/forceRegular

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