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Tasks & Sub-tasks - Can "date" of parent task be earliest date of child tasks?


I use tasks and subtasks all the time. Most useful for me to collapse everything down so I can get a high level view of the different "projects" I'm working on at any giving time.

However I generally don't assign a "date" to a parent task. I'll look through the Child tasks and date those that are imminent.

It would be very helpful (in my collapased view) if the Parent task "assumed" the earliest date of the Child tasks. I could see where some folks would want to override this, but if it isn't set, this would be a useful feature in my opinion.

Is there a way to do this now (settings, etc)?

Thanks, John

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 11, 2013 - 17:48 UTC

Hello John,

This isn't possible right now, but thank you for your suggestion, we appreciate it and we'll consider adding such option in the future. You're welcome to add a request to our Votebox: http://todoist.com/Vote/

Best regards,