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Windows app fails on startup


I have an old account, your system tells me I need a new password. I clicked the reset button, reset my password. Todoist keeps giveing me only the "reset password window," even though I have reset and don't need to keep resetting. That window won't close. When I force close and reopen Todoist, I get "Forbidden Only POST Allowed" error, and that window won't quit until I force close it. Net net: the windows app is completely non-functional for me. I can access my data on android phone and via firefox, but not via windows app.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Dec 22, 2012 - 20:30 UTC

Hello Alex,

Please tell me - at which paint does Todoist ask you to set a new password? We do not have such option or error message in our system, please make sure that you're using our official app at todoist.com

Furthermore, please clarify - how is our Windows app non-functional? You click on the icon and what happens then? Does it load? What do you see - does the app window open? You're welcome to send a screenshot to david@doist.io showing what issue you're experiencing.

Best regards,