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unable to reorder subtasks or use carriage returns within tasks


Hi there. I'm a new user with two issues:

1. How come I can only reorder the highest level task within a project and not subtasks? That's silly.

It also seems weird that the only way I can see all my tasks and subtasks at the same time is through the "view all projects" view, but in that view, I can't move any tasks around. To move tasks around, do I really have to view "7 days" and then click all the arrows to reveal subtasks? I started using todoist expressly because of my need to work with subtasks.

2. Is there a way to enter carriage returns within a task? Sometimes I like to leave white space for clarity. In some programs like Excel you can use a return within a cell by holding down "CTRL" but this isn't working in todoist. Is there another way?


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Dec 10, 2012 - 23:30 UTC

Hello Pamela,

You can reorder tasks on any indent level. To do so, simply enter a project, hover over the task you want to reorder and drag & drop it using the handle on its left side. You can collapse/expand sub-tasks using the arrow icon on the left side of their parent task.

It's indeed not possible to reorder tasks in search results. Please enter a projects before you use the drag & drop feature.

As for carriage returns - please clarify, are you referring to returning to the beginning of the line or do you want to break a line while adding a task? You can return to the beginning of a line with the Home button. We don't advise using line breaks (you can add task notes if you want to provide more information to a task), but it's possible with the Ctrl+M keyboard shortcut.

Best regards,