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Help setting up the order of a daily list


Perhaps I'm doing this incorrectly, but I have a project I call "daily"
this list is stuff that I need to do every day or every other day.
I set all the tasks in the order they need to be completed in this project.

However, some days, certain things might not be marked done in that order.

As I mark tasks complete, they get added to the next day's list. If I do them out of order, then they get added out of order compared to how I want them to display.

Is there anyway to have them show up for the next day in the order I set for the project as opposed to the order I actually complete them?

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Dec 06, 2012 - 21:07 UTC

Hello Kacie,

All your tasks will remain in the correct order within the project which means if you enter the project and you haven't used any sorting option, the tasks will stay as they are regardless of the order in which you complete them.

This does not apple to the "today" view, though. The only way to make sure your tasks will stay in order in any view is by setting due times to them. For example, if you set times such as:
- every day @ 7:30
- every day @ 7:45
- every day @ 9:00
these tasks will always be displayed in order according to their due time on the today or "7 days" view.

Alternatively, you could assign priorities to them - from priority 1 to 4, which will show tasks with the higher priority above the ones with low priority, but within these priorities they may not preserve their order either. However, if you just like to group a couple of tasks within 1 priority - this would be an option.

Finally, you could simply put numbers to the task names. This will not affect the order at all, but may be used just as a reference to what order you'd like to complete them in.

Best regards,

Kacie Ogle
Replied on Dec 06, 2012 - 21:19 UTC

Thank you, David!
Setting a time for each task resolved the issue.

It did however bring up a bug that you may want to be aware of.
I set each of my tasks off by one minute, i.e.:
and so on.

It all works totally fine, except for when I got to 12:08 and 12:09. It displayed as 12:00. If you go in to edit it again, it still shows 12:08 and 12:09, but it thinks the due time is 12:00, and sorts it as such.

I was able to get around it by just skipping :08 and :09, of course, so I have no real issue, I just thought you might like to know about it.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Dec 06, 2012 - 23:07 UTC


Actually, we're not aware of this issue and we can't reproduce it.

Please tell me:
- Does force-reloading the page using Ctrl+F5 solve this issue?
- What browser are you using>
- Can you reproduce it in at least one different browser?
- What due dates did you type in exactly in these tasks (especially the ones with the wrong due time)?

Best regards,

Kacie Ogle
Replied on Dec 07, 2012 - 15:40 UTC

I am using firefox 17.0.1; accepting cookies but clears history every time I close firefox - win 7 - login to todoist using my google account
I went back to the project to edit the time (rather than editing in the today view)

I edited the tasks to:
"every friday @ 12:08 am"
"every day starting today @ 12:09 am"

When I set "every friday @ 12:08 am" it displays as "Friday @ 12:00am"
When I set "every day starting today @ 12:09 am" displays as "Today @ 12:00am"

refreshing the page does not correct it
I closed out of firefox completely and logged back in to todoist, 12:08am still displays as 12:00am
I cleared my history and closed firefox, did not resolve

I closed firefox and logged in using chrome, did not resolve
I refreshed chrome, did not resolve
I opened the date to edit it, but made no changes before saving, did not resolve
I opened the date, changed it to 12:09am, displayed as 12:09am
I opened the date, changed it back to 12:08am, it displayed correctly as 12:08am
I cleared my browsing history and closed chrome

I logged in using firefox.
Since I made the change in chrome, firefox is displaying 12:08am
I opened the task but made no changes, saved, still displays as 12:08am
I opened the task and changed it to 12:09am, displays as 12:00am
refresh did not resolve it
I changed the time back to 12:08am, displays as 12:00am
changed the time to 12:10am, displays as 12:10am
changing it back to 12:09 or 12:08 still displays as 12:00

hopefully that helps, it seems like the problem is with firefox?
I can try more or send you screenshots if you like

Kacie Ogle
Replied on Dec 07, 2012 - 15:47 UTC

just noticed another weird time issue
these were correct yesterday, I completed them, and they rolled over to today

set to "every day starting today @ 12:14am" and "every day starting today @ 12:13am"
but now they display as "today @ 11:59pm"

I reset it to "every day @ 12:14am" and it works
probably an issue with "every day starting today"
redundant on my part, but may be an issue you'd like to be aware of

David Trey  staff
Replied on Dec 07, 2012 - 17:48 UTC


Thank you very much for this information, I've been able to reproduce this issue now. It indeed seems to occur in Firefox, but it doesn't if you omit the am/pm setting and just use: every friday @ 12:08 with the 24-hour format.

I have passed it to the developers and we will try to fix it soon.

Also, please note that "starting today" is not required as any every day task will start today by default. If you do decide to add a starting date then please add the due time of the task to the main date. For example, instead of:

every day starting today @ 12:13am

please use:

every day @ 12:13am starting today

Best regards,

David Trey  staff
Replied on Dec 20, 2012 - 14:22 UTC


This issue should now be fixed and due dates will not be rounded up to full hours.

Best regards,