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Today view duplicate tasks with deadlines


I'm new to Todoist, so this is maybe a newbit question.

I have the following structure:

Root Task (with a deadline)
Child Task (with the same deadline)

In the "today" view I have the following list:

> Root Task (with a deadline)
Child Task (with the same deadline)
Child Task (with the same deadline)

The first "Child Tasks" is inside the drop-down list for the Root Task.

I'd like the Child Task to appear only once, preferably inside the Root Task. Is is possible?

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Dec 04, 2012 - 06:39 UTC

Hello Alexey,

The "today" view displays all tasks that have a due date of "today" regardless of their indent level. If a task that's due today has sub-tasks, a small arrow on its left side indicates it and allows you to take a look at what the sub-tasks are.

In your case, most likely, both the parent task and the sub-task are due today that's why the sub-task is displayed as a reference under the parent task. This is a feature that we've chosen to implement because if the sub-task would be displayed only one, when you query for "today", you would have to expand every single parent task on the list and search for one of the sub-tasks with the correct due date. With this feature, you will never miss any task due today even if its parent task isn't due today.

Best regards,