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Dear Santa, pls bring me better search in todoist


It´s year 2012, i keep using todoist for few year and for jesus christ no change after all those years. Search should looks like one of those used in Workflowy, its joy to search for everything. Here i have to add some q: string and hope i put it correctly otherwise i dont see anythig. Pleasy try to evolve this basic feature little bit. And what about smart search that could be added to menu? It will bring todoist on next level with inputing task and managing it. But maybe all i really need is some plain good search that would works like magic and there will be no q: in front of it. Answer with: "yeah, we will definitely consider this feature" i dont find as answer. After all those years i deserve honest anwer: "A: we have other (better) plans for next 6months", "B: we try to do our best to create better search in xy months" (if XY is lower than 6that will be information) Thanks for listening (frustration included)

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Dec 03, 2012 - 06:47 UTC

Hello Martin,

We wish we could give you any estimated deadline for any improvement, but we always put our focus on the quality of any product or new feature we plan to add. That said, the honest answer we can give you is - we don't know when exactly will we have a working improved search feature, but since it would be a very useful feature, we will certainly consider implementing it in the future.

Best regards,

Wmarques  premium
Replied on Dec 03, 2012 - 15:57 UTC

Hi David (Hi Martin),

I was very pleased to read Martin's question, because for me too this question is KING. In the list, I see that the question is labeled as "Answered", which for me it is not - and I am sure Martin will agree with me. You do not seem to have noticed that this is a matter of life or death (virtually)

Let me try to explain :

The program now only has half the functionality, which therefore has much less than half of the value. (i.e. try to image what value a left part of a car (only the left part) has to you ...)

Or, more specific to Todoist, just let me demonstrate how crippled it is, by writing an honest sales pitch for Todoist in its current version :

"Please, come to us, because we have THE tool to help you manage all your tasks by storing them in a very easy and efficient manner. Unfortunately, if you are a heavy user managing hundreds of tasks, you might loose track of some tasks because after storing them efficiently they cannot be found back efficiently ..."

Now, to contrast, what's wrong with aspiring the following sales pitch? :
"Please, come to us, because we have THE tool to help you manage all your tasks by storing them in a very easy and efficient manner, just as well as finding them back very easy and efficiently ..."

Check in your office with your collegues which sales pitch they like most ...

As for me (only signed up recenty for the premium version) I am now seriously in hesitation if it is worthwile feeding my extensive task-universum into Todoist risking to get frustrated when trying to work efficiently with all the content.

I hope my point (adding to Martin's comment) is clear, in that - from my perspective - there cannot be a project on Todoist with higher priority.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Dec 03, 2012 - 17:38 UTC


There are numerous options how to find tasks on Todoist - labels, dates, priorities, projects and the current in-task query.

Of course we will improve the search feature in the future (as we do with all features) to give you a great user experience, but unfortunately we can't specify any particular date when such improvement will be implemented.

Best regards,

Wmarques  premium
Replied on Dec 03, 2012 - 17:50 UTC

hi again David,

thank you for the swift reply (you find me not asleep here in Europe)

I appreciate the numerous options already available, I really do.

But - just as an example - I tried to find a task that I knew was inputted regarding a payment that I had to do today re my cars.
Couldn't find it however because I queried on "car" instead of "cars" ...

If the query-tool would be able to include searches that also include fractions of words (or allow to use wildcards like *), that would already mean a world of difference !

best regards
Wouter (now going to sleep)

Smokie Lee  premium
Replied on Dec 05, 2012 - 10:41 UTC

I agree, the search lacks basic functionality, like negating a search term, wildcards, and partial matches. Right now, I have several work projects and my grocery list in Todoist. I want to be able to search for everything due today that doesn't have a certain label, which for me would be @groceries. So a search for "overdue, tod, tom, -@groceries" would give me all my overdue tasks, today's and tomorrow's agenda while not cluttering up the search with my groceries. The lack of partial matches (even an option to turn it on) greatly cripples my efficiency.

I'm trying out Todoist premium on the monthly subscription (thanks for hiding that option in the Android app) but I have to say it seems to me that I have two choices here: 1) Pay $29 for a very zen-like design & subtasks or 2) pay $25 for unlimited syncing and the ability to actually filter my tasks (instead of searching them; key difference).

Sadly, unless things change a lot in the next month, I don't think I'll be continuing my premium subscription.