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grayed-out + sign


I have Todoist on my iphone and Allegheny/Todoist on my ipad. I have a premium account. On my ipad the "+" is grayed out and I cannot add tasks, while on my iphone I am able to. Earlier today when I had Allegheny/Todoist on my ipad (having installed it the other day) and I, for the first time, installed Todoist on my iphone, the iphone "+" was grayed out.

Is there a quirk? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Nov 21, 2012 - 15:45 UTC

Hello Mark,

Please clarify - do you see the + sign in the official iPhone app: http://todoist.com/iphone and can add tasks there?

Unfortunately, the Allegheny app was not developed by us and we have no influence on its development (it's based on our API), please contact its developer about this issue.

Best regards,

Mark Alcorn
Replied on Nov 21, 2012 - 15:49 UTC

Hmmm. your explanation of the Allegheny app clears up some other questions I have. I couldn't figure out what was with "two" of Todoist. Wierd.

Anyway, on the official app everything is working fine. I appreciate your reply.

Thank you and have a good day.