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Firefox Opening New Browser Window


Hello -

In FF16 (and now in FF15) using ToDoIst 3.0, when I now open a task linked to an email, a new Browser Window is opened.

Previously, when I was in the Gmail inbox (sic), opening a task would open the email in the Gmail inbox.

I strongly prefer the original operation, which does not require the user to close the new browser window that opens on top of your working browser.

How do I have opening a email task open the email in the Gmail inbox (versus opening a new window on top of my browser).

Thank You,

- Brent

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Nov 09, 2012 - 06:40 UTC

Hello Brent,

I have forwarded this issue to the developers and we will investigate it. I will inform you about any progress we make.

Best regards,

Brent Shelton  premium
Replied on Nov 09, 2012 - 07:55 UTC

David -

Thanks. A couple additional thoughts (ideas), which may help, given they may be related

1.) I have some 9387 completed tasks and some 600 tasks in my task list including some 300 associated with one project (i figured out a way to work around the 150 limitation)

2.) While adding a task from an email, FF16.02 crashed and removed itself from memory when I pressed the "Add Task" button

3.) FF16 at time has been consuming 25% bandwidth, slowing mouse response, very slow to respond - but only when TDI is enabled as an add-on. (Runs smoothly and quickly when TDI is not enabled as an add-on.)

So, thinking it would make sense to clean up my TDI

a.) I don't believe that I need to keep completed tasks (but I haven't seen the 'delete all' button or delete older than 6 months or the like).

b.) albeit I am a scofflaw with the 300 tasks in a project (but that is the way it needs to work for what I need to get done), might that be a part of the issue - of course, I'd prefer to change the performance limitation, not change how I want to use the product

c.) I did disable all the other add-ons to see if there was any conflict and ran TDI alone - still had problems.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Nov 09, 2012 - 09:57 UTC


Please clarify - when you've added a task from an email means you've used the "Add email as task" link while in the 300+ task project and then it crashed or you've send an email to a Todoist project and then it crashed?

As for the bandwidth consumption - are you referring to network bandwidth or CPU resources (network activity shouldn't affect mouse response)? Does this happen while you're in any project or only the one with 300+ tasks?

As for completed tasks, they're stored on our server and you only get access to them when you click on the "Get completed tasks" link at the bottom of any project's task list so they shouldn't affect performance, but of course you can delete them using the "Delete completed" link (next to the "Get completed" link at the bottom in every project). The "# Completed" history can't be deleted at once, but again - it's not stored locally and is being fetched upon request so no performance issues should be linked to it.

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee good performance on accounts exceeding the set limitations. However, in order to better understand the way you use our software, we would greatly appreciate if you could briefly explain how you use it so that you require more than 150 tasks per project.

Also, could you please let us know what CPU do you have in your computer?

Best regards,

David Trey  staff
Replied on Nov 09, 2012 - 15:49 UTC

Hello Brent,

The issue regarding email messages opening in a new window when accessed through a task has been fixed.

If you have GMail opened and active, the message will replace the content of this tab. If you do not have GMail opened, the message will be opened in a new tab.

The new version of the plugin (3.1) has been submitted to Mozilla for review, but you can install it directly from this file: https://d2dq6e731uoz0t.cloudfront.net/4884cecc17f40804ed38d310a8d0f74c/as/Todoist_for_Firefox_3_1.xpi

Save this file on your computer, then go to Firefox's Add-ons section and click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner. Then, choose "Install Add-on from file" and select the XPI file you've just saved.

Best regards,

Brent Shelton  premium
Replied on Nov 09, 2012 - 19:00 UTC


I also split up my 300 task project, which does improve overall performance as well (demanding less processor time - XPS 15z i5).

As for the update, actually seems to speed up response time in pulling the task into the Gmail inbox - very fast - I hadn't notice.

Great Job - Thank You.