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How does Todoist Outlook add in access, store and retrieve email?


I have an Exchange server (not hosted, it is on site and managed by us) and I am curious to know how Todoist retrieves the linking information unique to the email, stores that information and displays it across all it's platforms allowing the user to open the email from anywhere.

When creating a task from an email in Outlook, the following code is generated to link to the email:

[[outlook=00000000DEF754CF48B779429BC836DE25C3D0B407002324216DE6D05143B259CEEB77C267260000012AEF5500002324216DE6D05143B259CEEB77C26726000003370DB00000, Review]]

Where is the application pulling this information from?

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jeff duke
Replied on Nov 08, 2012 - 15:57 UTC

Is it pulling from Exchange or from the Outlook client? What access is granted to the add-in, in terms of what data it can access and how?

David Trey  staff
Replied on Nov 08, 2012 - 19:52 UTC

Hello Jeff,

The unique ID of an email message is within its header. When the Outlook client notices what message you've currently selected on your list or what message is currently open and active, it must know its ID to perform any action on it. This is what our plugin will look for.

We can assure you that our plugin does not pull, store or process any of your personal data, it just takes the ID, stores it as the reference link in the content of the task and when you click on the task, communicates with Outlook requesting it to open a message with this ID.

Best regards,