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Why do I get sent to "upgrade to PREMIUM" window each time I try to answer "David" from your support team?


I am trying to answer his question: What browser to I have? The answer: Chrome. I have done all that you suggest again, and still I can't access PREMIUM? This is becoming frustrating...is there any way that we can have a dialogue via chat or phone so that I can rectify this issue?? Please advise.

Thank you.


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David Trey staff
Replied on Oct 14, 2012 - 00:34

Hello Moriat,

according to our database you have an active Todoist premium account until July 28th, 2013.

If you can't access Premium features (you don't see the @ sign below the search box and the "q: " link or cant' access notes), please try to use a different browser and let me know which one did you try. It would be very helpful if you could clarify which version of the 2 browsers you've used (you can find this information in the "About" page in each browser).

As for the issue you described in this thread, please clarify when exactly do you see this error message? Our support section is for all Customers and we never require having a Premium account to use it.

Unfortunately we do not have chat or phone support, but we can assist you any time and in order to speed things up, it's greatly appreciate it if you could let us know the versions of the 2 browsers you've tried to use with Todoist. Also, please try to click Ctrl+Shift+N in Chrme to open an Incognito window, log into Todoist in this window and please tell me - can you see an @ sign below the search box in the upper left corner of the Todoist page? Can you add a note to a task?

Best regards,

Moriat McNamara
Replied on Oct 14, 2012 - 05:09


Thank you so much for your patience.

- The version of Chrome that I think I've had for awhile is: Version 22.0.1229.94.

- I think everything is fine now, as I am able to see the @ and "q". However, I'm a bit confused when you refer to "notes". I am able to add a "task" to a "project". Are we on the same page, or am I totally lost?

Thanks again.


David Trey staff
Replied on Oct 14, 2012 - 05:19


I'm glad to hear that everything works for you now. As for the task notes - if you hover over an already added task, you'll see a small icon on the right side of the task name which you can click and add notes. Once you do, this icon will be visible permanently next to the task with a count of how many notes have been added to it.

You can see what other features you can use with Todoist Premium in this short video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWCBVE3IhJ8 or other videos on our channel showcasing some of Todoist's features in detail.

Best regards,