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Highly unsatisfactory reminders experience: SMS alert and time-zone bug report



already around a month ago when Todoist went online with HTML5, I had problems with SMS notification to a German number. The issue was resolved by using the Canadian gateway.
Now since two days ago, I again don't receive SMS messages anymore (also not the test message), even though I used all three hosts for all combinations:

That's the first thing. The other bug lies within the time-zone settings.
I am currently in London (GMT +1) now, but DELIBERATELY set my time-zone to Berlin (GMT +2), but I can't even imagine how and why Todoist always takes my time-zone as the London one, meaning: For example, if I wanted an alarm at 9am London time, I should set the reminder at 10am with my time-zone set to Berlin. But no, I get the alarm at 10am London time, i.e. one hour too late. I know I am in London, but as I said, I have my reasons why I need the time-zone to be Berlin. And okay, maybe Todoist automatically sets the time-zone by reading it out from my machine? But then why is there the option to choose the time-zone anyway?
Btw, this issue only arised several days ago - I dunno whether it has some correlation with the SMS notification bug.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Oct 10, 2012 - 12:43 UTC

Hello Jimmy,

we're very sorry for the inconvenience. It's possible that the route has changed for your phone number if you've changed your location. Please send your full phone number to david@doist.io and we will contact our SMS provider about it.

As for the second issue - in order for the due times and reminders on your tasks to be correct, both your computer/phone and Todoist need to have the same time zone selected. If you use a time zone that's 1 hour off from the real time (the time on your device), the tasks and reminders will indeed be off as well. The only workaround would be to use the Berlin time zone in any setting (incl. your computer's settings) and then a reminder set to 10am (Berlin time) should reach you at 9am (London time).

Best regards,