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Edit Projects and Move under other projects


I would like to reorganize my todolist - for example I may have a project "Staff" and another "Joe Soap" - I would like to make Joe Soap a subfolder in Staff and add other folders for additional staff members and then add the tasks that I need to do with regards to each staff member to that subfolder, I hope you understand.

subfolder: Joe Soap
task 1 for Joe Soap
task 2 for Joe Soap
subfolder: Jane Doe
task 1 for Jane Doe
task 2 for Jane Doe

I would also like to edit the names of my projects - how do I do that?

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Aug 31, 2012 - 08:05 UTC

Hello Bev,

both - indenting a project as well as changing its name can be done in the input field. To access it, simply right-click on any project and choose "Edit project".

Once the input field is opened, you can change the name and make this project a sub-project. To do so, either use the arrow icons on the right side of the input field or the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+RighArrow and Ctrl+LeftArrow.

If you want to reorder your projects, you can use the drag & drop feature - grab a project by the handle to its left side visible when hovering over it and drag & drop it to the target position.

Best regards,