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Due Date Resets After Browser Close



I have a list to remember my family's birthdays.

I made 40+ tasks labelled in the following way:
"BIRTHDAY REMINDER - Pete - 22nd october"
When I come to add the due date, i use the following formulae:

"every 365 days starting 22nd October @0900"

This logs fine at first.


On closing and re-opening the browser, it loses the due dates!

I use Chrome and have tested this on 2no. different machines.

I have cleared all the cache and re-tried and it still does this.

Any ideas?


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Aug 24, 2012 - 13:06 UTC

Hello Peter,

if you add a "starting" day to a due date, please always use this formula:

"starting 22. Oct 2012"

Either way, for these tasks, the formula you've used is not optimal just because of the 366-day year every 4 years. Instead, please use the following due date:

"every 22. Oct"

This will always schedule this task for October, 22nd regardless of the amount of days the year has. If you want to add a reminder to this task, simply right-click on it and add a reminder due "every 22. Oct @ 8:30am". Of course, you can also use "every 22. Oct @ 9am" in the task date which will create an automatic reminder through the channel selected as default in Preferences -> Reminders.

Best regards,

Peter Hughes  premium
Replied on Aug 24, 2012 - 13:13 UTC



Very much appreciate the fast reply.

I used "every 22 oct @ 09:00"

and tried various different dates - all worked fine.

Many thanks,