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setting priority


I must not be seeing something.

It seems like the only way to access the dialogue for setting the priority for a task is after I save the task... I can't seem to be able to while I am in the process of adding it.



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David Trey  staff
Replied on Aug 15, 2012 - 14:15 UTC

Hello Laurie,

the right-click menu is indeed only accessible after saving the task. However, it is possible to set a priority while typing the task name. To do so, simply include !p1, !p2 or !p3 within the text and the appropriate priority will be set for this task right away.

Best regards,

Alan Tanner  premium
Replied on Oct 07, 2014 - 13:16 UTC


I've been looking for that tip for months. Perhaps it should be added to the Keyboard shortcuts page.

Regardless, thanks for the tip and the functionality. Todoist just got that much better.


David Trey  staff
Replied on Oct 07, 2014 - 13:37 UTC


You're welcome :-) This is documented on the "text formatting" page: https://todoist.com/Help/TextFormatting we'll consider changing its category as we improve the help pages soon.


Carol Rose
Replied on Oct 07, 2014 - 14:45 UTC

Love that tip! Thanks :)

Laura  premium
Replied on Feb 21, 2015 - 18:01 UTC

It's 2015 and I had to hunt to figure out that I needed to use "!" and not "@" to prioritize. It would be helpful to include this in the "Priorities" section of the tutorial. :-)

Galina Skovorodnikova  staff
Replied on Jul 20, 2015 - 16:44 UTC

Thanks for the heads up, Laura! We will look into it (+1)