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Problem with asterisk for non-checked tasks


Hi David and team,

I've been using the asterisks a lot for "tasks" that don't need to be marked as completed.

However, whenever I edit a task with an asterisk, the labels jump to moving before the asterisk, and the checkmark returns because the asterisk is not the first piece of text in the task. This bug has nothing to do with my actions, since it happens even if I don't make any actual change (just tap the task and then hit enter).

I'm not sure if this is a new issue or not, but I've only noticed it in the past few weeks, about the time that the HTML5 interface was added.


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Aug 15, 2012 - 14:03 UTC

Hello Shiri,

thank you very much for your report and sorry for any inconvenience this issue might have caused you.

I've been able to reproduce it and have passed it to the developers.

Best regards,