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Does Wedoist and Todoist integrate when you purchase the IST enterprise level?


I was checking out some of the requests in the votebox and saw this request which surprised me:

Unfortunately, I did not see a response from any staff on this questions, so I assume that even at the enterprise level these do not integrate, otherwise you would have responded in the thread to let people know they don't need to waste their time requesting it and voting on it.

Is this the case (not integrated at enterprise level)?

And if they are, should we not be expecting responses from the IST team in the votebox section? Many of those requests and replies were from last year (over 8 months ago).

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David Trey staff
Replied on Aug 14, 2012 - 01:16

Hello David,

that's correct, there is currently no integration between Todoist and Wedoist. However, such feature is being developed and we're indeed planning to integrate both our products eventually.

We can't give you any timeframe on when it will be released, there are many ways such integration could work and we want to choose one that's both useful and simple and won't make our products too complicated to use.

Best regards,