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Project won't add. Keyboard won't respond to Project Name


Any reason a project will not add in Outlook 2010? Pressing the finish button repeatedly yielded no response. Similarly, backspacing or trying to delete to change the project name, computer was non-responsive. Is there complete compatibility with outlook 2010? I want to use the program and buy the subscription, but only if it work properly. Please advise.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Aug 11, 2012 - 06:17 UTC

Hello David,

yes, the Todoist plugin is fully compatible with Outlook 2010.

We are aware of the issue regarding the use of Backspace. It's caused by the fact that when you edit a task, the focus may not always be set on the input field so you'll need to click with your mouse within the input field and will then be able to use Backspace unless you use the QuickAdd option after resizing the window.

We are working on this issues right now and will address them in future revisions of this plugin.

As for the other issues you mention - I can't reproduce them. Please describe step-by-step how you attempt to add a project (from which view, what keyboard shortcuts you use etc.).

Also, please clarify - when you've tried to edit a project name was only the Todoist plugin non-responsive, Outlook, or the whole computer and you needed to restart your PC?

Best regards,