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My data is missing?



Looks like I may have lost some data recently? At first glance, it looks like projects are all there, but many of my tasks are not. Then, when I try to look at the task list within a folder that has several listed, no tasks come up on the screen, as if there are zero. Maybe an old update or something?

Thank you!

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Sydnor Hain
Replied on Aug 07, 2012 - 17:09 UTC

oops, I forgot - on the chrome plug in on a mac

David Trey  staff
Replied on Aug 07, 2012 - 17:42 UTC

Hello Sydnor,

please log out of Todoist and back in. If this won't help, clear your browser's cache, then go to Chrome's Advanced Settings -> Content Settings -> All cookies and site data and remove todoist.com from the list and reload the browser.

Best regards,

Sydnor Hain
Replied on Aug 07, 2012 - 19:50 UTC

Hi David,

Thank you. I tried these remedies, but it continues the same behavior. I also see the same thing on my account through the website.

Sydnor Hain
Replied on Aug 07, 2012 - 21:06 UTC

Ah! I logged out and logged back in and got my full list back. Hmm...I wonder what might have been happening.