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Reminder setting not being retained

My default reminder is 30 mins beforehand by email. That's working fine.

For two of the daily tasks I keep also setting an SMS reminder. The SMS reminder will arrive on the day I set it but not again after that unless I reset it.

What can be done to make it remember that setting from day to day, please?

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Aug 01, 2012 - 11:21 UTC

Hello Phil,

the 30 day before deadline setting cannot be changed to default at a different time. If you go to the Reminder settings of a task, you can edit it or change the timespan there as well as remove the default 30 minute beforehand reminder.

If you'd like to set a reminder to a recurring task, though, you can do so as well.

The simplest way to set a recurring reminder is to type <remind every day at 16:00> (for example) within the task name. This will set the reminder to recur every day (if the task itself is recurring as well) through the default method.

If you want to use the non-default method, simply right-click on the task, choose reminders and then pick "Absolute reminders" from the drop down-menu and you'll be able to set a reminder using the same recurring date format you use for the task ("every day at 8pm" or "every lday at 13:00" etc.).

Best regards,

Phil  premium
Replied on Aug 02, 2012 - 13:39 UTC

Thank you, David

I have been setting the second SMS reminder the non-default way as above . The trouble is it only arrivesf on day one and then disappears.

When I do it the default way eg <remind every day at 16:00>, is there a way to make sure it is an SMS reminder rather then the standard ?

David Trey  staff
Replied on Aug 02, 2012 - 15:19 UTC


adding a reminder within a task name will always set the reminder to the default method, therefore it's advised to set it through the "Reminder" option from the right-click menu where you can choose the method.

Best regards,

Phil  premium
Replied on Aug 03, 2012 - 01:32 UTC

Thanks for clarifying, David. So that just leaves the biggest part of the question which is this.

I set a daily task to have an SMS reminder as well as the default email like thiis:


It works the first day but by the second day the SMS reminder has got lost and I only get the email reminder from then on:


How can I make the extra SMS reminder persist?

David Trey  staff
Replied on Aug 03, 2012 - 06:29 UTC


as I've mentioned in my first response, you have to use "Absolute reminders".

When you go to the Reminders box, at the top, you see:

Relative time

Such reminder, called "relative reminder" will always be sent once and can be set only to a specific time before deadline.

If you choose "Absolute time" from this drop-down menu (under TYPE), you'll be able to type a recurring time for the reminder.

For example, if your task is set to "every day at 16:00" and you wish to receive an SMS reminder 30 minutes before this deadline, choose "Absolute time" as type, "SMS" as service and type: "every day at 15:30" within the "Date and time" box.

Once you pick "Absolute time" from the "TYPE" section, there will be an input field for text in the "Date and time" section.

Note - such reminder can be set to any time using any format accepted by Todoist so if you'd like to set it exactly 18 minutes before deadline, simply type "every day at 15:42" (assuming that the deadline is at 16:00).

Best regards,

Phil  premium
Replied on Aug 03, 2012 - 06:33 UTC

OK - thanks. Sorry I didn't pick up the importance of absolute time there.