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Adding context when creating a task


Is it possible to add a context (e.g. @errand) while I'm creating a task? This is something I often want to do, and as far as I can tell, I have to create the task, then locate it in the project it has been added to, and only then can I add a context to it.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jul 15, 2012 - 16:14 UTC

Hello Cliff,

if you're referring to the labeling feature - yes, you can type @errand within the task name and it will be created with a label named "errand". You can also add priorities while creating a task by typing !p1, !p2 or !p3 within the name as well as reminders by adding <remind today at 6pm> within a task.

Best regards,

Cliff Donaldson  premium
Replied on Jul 15, 2012 - 20:00 UTC

Good to know. Thanks David.