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Why does typing an "A" in the comments open a new task


I am trying to add a comment to an existing task, but every time I try and type the "A" character, it opens a new task in the background and the letter A does not appear in my task. It does not matter if I type a capital A or small a, I cannot get the letter "a" to appear in the comments. Very frustrating. This is happening in the Outlook plug-in. I am using Outlook 2010.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jul 12, 2012 - 05:34 UTC

Hello Dena,

unfortunately, I can't reproduce this issue. Please confirm if you can reproduce this issue following these steps:

1. Open Outlook.
2. Choose a project in the Todoist plugin pane.
3. Add a new note to an existing task with no notes.

If so, please tell me:
- On which side do you see the Todoist plugin pane?
- Which version of Windows and which version of Internet Explorer are you using?

If you can't reproduce this with the steps mentioned above, please describe step-by-step the process that triggers this issue.

Best regards,