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Will the TD Outlook plugin support multiple IMAP accounts in Outlook 2012


I have not yet installed the Todist Outlook plugin because I have not been able to find any information on what will happen if I have multiple IMAP accounts setup in Outlook. From watching the various videos, I only see the plugin in use with the main mail .pst (Outlook Data File). I don't use the main .pst at all, but I do have six other Gmail accounts all setup individually in Outlook via IMAP each with their own .pst.

As Outlook 2010 does not have a means of combining multiple inboxes into a single inbox/view (as Thunderbird does) I would need the Todoist plugin to support multiple accounts simultaneously in Outlook.

Is this possible or do you only get to choose one account or does one TD plugin support all setup accounts?

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Apr 21, 2012 - 12:57 UTC

Hello Justin,

we're not sure if it will work properly with Outlook 2012 and IMAP. Our plugin uses a message's ID to track it and access it when clicking on it when linked to a task and we've experienced issues in tracking mails when using an Exchange server as each time Outlook's being opened, the IDs change.

Our plugin does support multiple inboxes in Outlook 2010 with emails incoming from multiple accounts (spread across multiple .pst files) as long as the messages' IDs won't change.

Feel free to install it and see if it works. The plugin will definitely not harm your computer and can be completely uninstalled through Add/Remove Programs (it will be listed as OutlookTodoist).

Best regards,

Justin Sturgis
Replied on Apr 21, 2012 - 13:56 UTC


Thank you for the quick response. I did install the plugin and it seems to be working fine. All of my accounts are IMAP and there seems to be no issues whatsoever with using Todoist across all accounts as far as adding emails to tasks and things syncing properly.

A couple of loosely related items:

1) If I understand correctly, the traditional Outlook tasks have no connection/bearing on the Todoist projects/tasks and I am able to continue using each simultaneously if I choose to. (I use the Outlook tasks because they sync with my Google Tasks via gSyncit. I have not yet decided whether to replace GTasks and if so don't know if I will do it with Todoist or Doit.im.)

2) Outlook 2012 is now excruciatingly slow opening up with the Todoist plug-in installed. I took great pains in using every trick I could find to expedite the opening of MS programs and had them each deploying very quickly. Is this just a symptom of using this plug-in that I will need to get used to or will the startup lag improve over time?

David Trey  staff
Replied on Apr 21, 2012 - 16:01 UTC


1. Todoist for Outlook has no connection with Outlook's "Tasks" feature.

2. Outlook's performance shouldn't be greatly affected by our plugin. Please tell me:
- Does it happen only when you open Outlook for the first time after turning your computer on or every time?
- How many tasks (approximately) do you have in Todoist?

Also, please try to log out from Todoist (through the plugin) and see if it helps to launch Outlook faster.

Best regards,