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How can I synchronize my TD and iCal with the correct British Summer time?



First of all, I LOVE TD! The best app I have installed ever!

I think my problem is simple but I couldn't sort it out by myself. I'm in London and we have the British Summer Time now (GMT + 1). The iCal is showing all my tasks with - 1H.

I'm using iCal with BST time (UTC) and TD with GMT +00:00 UTC.

What can I do?



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David Trey  staff
Replied on Apr 07, 2012 - 18:29 UTC

Hello Alessandro,

we're glad you like our application :)

Please tell me - does changing the time zone in Todoist's Preferences -> General Settings to GMT+1, then unsubscribing from the iCal feed (My Calendars -> Settings; in Google Calendar) and re-adding it solve this issue?

If not, please tell me - do the task date/times appear incorrectly within Todoist as well or just the iCal feed?

Also, have you tried changing the time zone in Google Calendar, but not Todoist (or in both)?

Best regards,