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Collaboration with different departments and delegation with follow ups



I'm the IT manager for Classic Components Corp. I'm looking for collaboration/task management software that can help my IT team work together via mobile (both android and iPhone) and PC platforms. Before I purchase your product for each of my employees, I would like to be certain that your software can handle inter-departmental projects, categorize between long-term and short-term tasks/projects, do delegation and allow for follow ups. I'll be testing this just for myself at the moment but would like as much information from you as possible to really evaluate whether I would like to deploy it for our company. Also, do you guys have a "to do" list widget yet? I didn't see any widget..are there plans to come up with one? Widget's make it easier for me to keep track of the agenda list as well as add new agendas. Thank you!

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Mar 16, 2012 - 15:22 UTC

Hello Daniel,

it all depends on whether you'd like each of your employee to have a personal task manager and occasionally add tasks to their projects or interact with them throughout the management of a project.

Todoist is primarily a personal task management, but it does allow sending tasks via email and this option could be used to add tasks to someone else's account if their email is added as an "accepted address" to receive tasks from it. You can find detailed information about this function when clicking on the envelope icon at the top of your task list in every project (each project has a unique address). Note - you could add an entire "wildcard" domain to each account so everyone could add tasks to your account.

Todoist has a native app for iOS and a mobile website http://todoist.com/m (both fully offline capable with the option of synchronizing your tasks later once you connect to a network) as well as a variety of third-party apps for most smartphones: http://todoist.com/mobile

You could also use browser plugins for Firefox http://todoist.com/firefox , Chrome http://todoist.com/chrome or Todoist Anywhere http://todoist.com/anywhere for any other browser as well as an Outlook plugin http://todoist.com/outlook .

However, if you'd like to collaborate in a team all the time, you could check out our team-based project manager Wedoist - https://wedoist.com which will allow you to invite people into projects, assign tasks directly to them, upload files, communicate in a project chat etc.

Unfortunately, we don't have any mobile solutions for Wedoist right now, but are already working on them. For now, you could use Wedoist's iCal feed (also available in Todoist) to export your task list to a calendar software for each of your projects or all projects globally.

Feel free to try out Wedoist as well. You can invite up to 3 people to a test project for free or even use the 30-day trial period for Wedoist Unlimited.

Best regards,